Battle for talents with Kampf's mentee program

Battle for talents with Kampf's mentee program

Everyone is complaining about the shortage of professionals. Kampf takes an active role in the "battle for talents" and demonstrates how young professionals can be promoted and actively integrated into the company. Our internal talent promotion program for mentes was launched in 2018 and is already entering its third round. Interested employees, some of whom are studying part-time, apply for the program internally and are each assigned a mentor. They then work on a joint project over a longer period of time.

Last week, a group of six young professionals visited the Jagenberg AG site in Krefeld, Germany. Jagenberg's COO Dr. Stephan Witt took the time to speak about the company's strategy. After that the mentees' goals were worked out in a follow-up workshop. Our young talents wish to take on more responsibility in the company in the future and would like to develop their personalities further. It is also important for them to get to know the individual companies in the Group better. This was followed by a tour of the site by Head of HR Jan Haase.

Our mentee program offers a great opportunity for the young talents who want to broaden their horizons. They have the opportunity to take part in workshops, further training, and seminars. Visits to customers are also planned so that the young professionals can get in touch with them. But we as a company benefit from the program as well: Their ideas and brainpower are valuable and can be turned into innovative measures.

We are grateful for the opportunity to implement such a promising project and wish the mentees every success with the program!