Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIB) dominate the market for rechargeable energy storage.

The manufacturing process is highly demanding. Particularly with regard to the safety properties and the service life of the cells, it is important to drive development forward. Kampf and its subsidiary Kampf LSF have established a joint competence team. Our experts bring in-depth know-how and many years of personal experience, both in slitting and winding technology as well as in the production of battery cells, to the joint work. This enables us to provide you with competent advice for your slitting and winding processes and to offer technically well-engineered, reliable and target-oriented solutions.

BSFWinder and BSFSlitter with integrated roll handling and automation solutions form the ideal combination for the production of the highly sensitive separator films. The slitting and winding quality of the finished products was given top priority in the development of these machines. 

In the manufacturing processes of cathodes and anodes for Lithium-Ion batteries, turret unwinders and turret rewinders of the TechWinder type are used before and after coating lines and calender systems. This allows continuous operation without any restrictions in speed and productivity.

With the EvoSlitter, cathode and anode materials get the "right cut". Solid machine construction coupled with precise slitting systems and optional cleaning and inspection units guarantee accuracy and consistently high quality of the finished rolls.

For further slitting applications, such as for narrow strips, we also offer special, customized solutions from our slitting machine portfolio.

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Our products:


Slitting machines are nothing new for the Kampf group of companies but an established process. Also for applications for slitting separator and electrode materials, there is a lot of experience available, especially in the parent company, Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik.

BSF Slitter

The new generation for Battery Separator Film processing. Customized, solution-oriented, focused on quality and future viability.

Kampf offers a selected range of Battery Separator Film production equipment to satisfy the increasing demands of the highly innovative Lithium Ion Battery manufacturing industries.


In the manufacturing processes of cathodes and anodes for lithium-ion batteries, TechWinder turret unwinders and turret rewinders are used upstream and downstream of coaters and calender systems.

TechSlitter CHRO

The slitting and winding of ultra-thin, net aluminium foil in high, soft or battery foil quality is one of the most demanding and challenging tasks in the foil manufacturing process.

The especially for aluminium foil developed Kampf TechSlitter, with the patented rewind system and special arrangements to detect the foil quality, meats all necessary requirements and is the perfect machine for this process of manufacturing aluminium foil.


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