PrimeSlitter BlueLine

The slitting machine for film producers

Universal applications for flexibility and output. 

The most flexible solution for your applications . Whether for the thinnest capacitor film of 2 micron or for thick film up to 400 micron - the PrimeSlitters of the BlueLine can be designed for working widths of 4.8 m to 7 m to suit your requirements. Depending on the application, you can choose from various suitable options. 

The high performance slitter for films

The latest generation of the Kampf slitting and winding machine PrimeSlitter TF was developed to incorporate the winding principle of center drives with individual contact rolls in cooperation with the latest state of the art control system.

Rewinding is done shaftless on individual stations and with individual sensitive center drives; each winding station is equipped with an independently operating light contact roll. At increasing diameter, the winding stations are horizontally moved away from the contact roll. With this Kampf ensures that the winding geometry remains constant during the whole winding process which results in a perfect winding quality of the finished rolls.

Winding tension and contact pressure are automatically controlled in dependence of roll diameter, speed and slitting width.

The modular structure allows a most effective machine for each customer's request.

The exact grouping of the rewind and slitting section as well as the drive technique designed by Kampf ensure optimal slitting and winding quality at high productivity. All electrical cabinets are connected and mounted directly with the machine, therefore no need for pits in the floor with additional cabling. As all movements in the machine are done by electrical motors or pneumatics, we can avoid the use of hydraulic components. This ensures that no contamination and oil vapors / drops will be caused by leaking components.


Technical Data PrimeSlitter Blueline

  PrimeSlitter CHRO BlueLine PrimeSlitter TF
Material thickness 2 µm - 400 µm 350 µm
Material width max. 7.000 mm 7.400 mm
Parent roll diameter max. 1.600 mm 1.600 mm
Finished roll diameter max. 1.270 mm max. 1.200 mm
Finished roll weight max. 5.000 kg 2.000 / 3.000 / 5.000 kg
Slitting system Klingenschnitt / Scherenschnitt / Berstschnitt Scherenschnitt
Slitting width ≥ 160 mm ≥ 230 mm
Wickelhülsen 3“ / 6“ / 8“ / 10“ 3“ / 6“ / 8“ / 10“
Machine speed max. 1.250 m/min max. 400 m/min

Individual equipment for your application

Beyond Slitting and Winding

More than just a slitter.

Productivity, availability and quality are key competitive characteristics. To ensure these features and thus your long-term success, we offer a wide range of value-added services for your machinery. With your decision for a new PrimeSlitter you can also benefit from this individually tailored option for you.

  • Automation solutions
  • Material flow simulationso Connectivity of upstream and downstream processes

We offer highly efficient complete solutions, adapted to your needs and the requirements of your customers.

Our Kampf Lifecycle Service is available throughout the entire life cycle of your machines. 

  • Increasing demand?
  • Short delivery times?
  • Cost pressure?

The demand for ever smaller production batches, higher throughput and increased overall plant efficiency places special demands on the performance of the machines and the handling of the parent and finished rolls.

Kampf offers coordinated automation within and in the machine environment for optimum use of your PrimeSlitter.

  • Automated finished roll removal
  • Advanced robot system
  • Conveyor belts/transport carts
  • Weighing devices
  • Roll marking system
  • Palletizing and packaging units

We are happy to support you with the development of tailor-made solutions thanks to our expertise in:

  • Planning, project management and implementation
  • Simulation (Digital Twin)
  • Continuous communication and data flow

Converting 4.0 pursues the following principles as a holistic approach:

  • Communication and integration of machines and processes during the digitalization of value chains begins with people.
  • Information that creates knowledge and increases the efficiency of processes can not be achieved by a single person.
  • We focus consciously on networks in order to actively design new technologies at the extremely high development speed of industry 4.0 and to generate the maximum benefit from generated data for your process.
  • Machines and systems from Kampf have always been an important, integral component in the individually designed value chains of our customers.
  • With our innovative software platform the@vanced, we now inform you about the status of your production anytime, anywhere and conveniently, and enable you to communicate simply and data-based, beyond machine parameters.


  • Is an integrative software platform that networks the Kampf machines, their integrated sensors and additional components.
  • Gives you the possibility to collect important data, to visualize and analyze them individually.
  • Communicates easily with your planning and control systems on site as well as with other external software platforms.
  • Is the basis for big data applications, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance and machine learning.

Your production at a glance. Fast and mobile.

the@vanced offers you digital added values based on three columns:

Smart Production. Be efficient!

  • Status of the machine
  • Life – machine data
  • Dashboards
  • Production results
  • Productivity display

Smart Maintenance. Stay efficient!

  • User manuals
  • Maintenance videos
  • Maintenance planner
  • Digital machine model and spare parts catalogue

Smarter Operation. Increase efficiency!

  • Big Data Lake
  • Dashboards
  • Data analysis

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