Label Applications

Nothing sticks here - We offer specially adapted cutting and winding concepts for the processing of labelstock materials based on proven Kampf technology. Besides the special slitter rewinders of the LabelSlitter series, we also offer tailor-made solutions for winding or rewinding of Labelstock materials.

The shaft type slitter for flexible slitting width at high diameters.

The Unicon is a two-spindle machine with centre/surface drive combination suited for a wide range of application. All usual materials in the field of labels and paper can be processed.

Especially designed for the label and paper market, the Unicon converts these products with best results by using first class slitting and winding technology. The precisely controlled centre drive ensures high quality of finished rolls, while the digital servo drive of the contact roll stabilizes the web tension between slitting section and contact roll - an essential pre-condition for excellent slitting results.

The Unicon is a roll slitter with an overhead web path, suited for working up to 2,050 mm and a finished roll diameter of up to 1270 (50”) mm. Kampf’s modular design guaranties the integration of all performance features into the Unicon being required for special materials.

Based upon today's requirements to be fulfilled by a highly efficient and operator convenient roll slitting and winding machine, especially such options have been added or new developed that reduce downtimes to a minimum, thus increasing the machine output to a maximum.

Just to mention only some of these options: The well-proven winding shafts, laser-assisted core positioning, finished roll unloading trolleys, and an optimised slitting system for all common slitting applications up to a fully automatic.

All control elements, electric and pneumatic components are easily accessible to enable a quick maintenance to reduce downtimes.


Technical Data Unicon 

Material:Label (paper/paper, film/film, paper/film)
Material thicknessup to 450 µm
Material width:max. 1,750 / 2,050 mm
Original roll diameter:max. 1,600 mm
Finished roll diameter:max. 1,270 mm
Finished roll weight:max. 3,000kg
Slitting system:Shear cut
Slitting width:≥ 50 mm
Winding cores:3" / 6"
Machine speed:max. 800 m/min

The slitting machine for converters

The new Kampf slitting and winding machine Unislit CS is based on the platform of the successful Unislit II slitting machine series. This machine has been specially developed for label and paper manufacturers who place special focus on perfect finished roll quality. 

Due to the modular design and the various options, the right machine can be offered for every application. 

The shear cut, with manual or automatic adjustment, is perfectly suited to your needs.

This machine, equipped with single winding stations and a driven contact roll, can be operated either with center drive, circumferential drive or both. The principle of horizontal swiveling of the winding stations as the finished roll diameter increases and a clear separation between winding tension and contact pressure during the entire winding process ensure perfect finished roll quality.
The electric drive developed by Kampf reflects our decades of experience in building slitting and winding machines. Simple operation and minimum maintenance in combination with optimum monitoring are simply convincing.

Download Unislit Series

Technical Data Unislit ll c/s

 Unislit ll c/s
MaterialLabel, paper/paper, film/film, paper/film
Material thickness:up to 450 µm
Material width:max. 2,050 mm
Original roll diameter:max. 1,600 mm
Finished roll diameter:max. 1,200 mm
Finished roll weight:max. 3,000 kg 
Slitting system:Shear cut
Slitting width:≥ 100 mm
Winding cores:3" / 6" / 8" / 10"
Machine speed:max. 800 m/min

Label Slitter for smaller widths and diameters

With adapted solutions from the ConSlitter BlueLine and BlackLine series, we also offer machines for narrower materials and smaller roll diameters.  

ConSlitter BlueLineConSlitter Blackline