DECRO and Kampf/Atlas Unite for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

DECRO and Kampf/Atlas Unite for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Guangdong DECRO Film New Materials Co., Ltd., a globally esteemed player in the development of sustainable packaging, has entered a strategic partnership with Kampf/Atlas.

Established in 1999, DECRO Film New Materials Co., Ltd. encompasses four sub-companies, including the esteemed Guangdong DECRO Package Films Co., Ltd., spread across an expansive 187,000 square meters and operating in three cutting-edge manufacturing plants. Guided by their visionary enterprise mission, "New Material Technologies Shape Quality Living," DECRO is dedicated to developing functional, high-end, and environmentally conscious products. Underlining their commitment to innovation, DECRO leverages the concept that science and technology power the evolution of flexible packaging materials. With a focus on environmental friendliness, resource conservation, and recyclability, DECRO aims to enhance the quality of life for individuals globally through their high-end packaging solutions.

In response to increasing capacity needs, DECRO has recently placed an order for two slitters from the combined Kampf & Atlas machine portfolio.

The two Atlas ProSlitter 89/12 CRRO BlackLine machines are set to operate with DECRO's new BOPP production lines.

These state-of-the-art machines are equipped with cutting-edge digital technologies, including production status monitoring, maintenance control, and an online 3D spare parts catalog, all managed through the my@vanced customer portal and the@vanced platform.

During the contract signing ceremony in Shunde on December 21, 2023, Mr. June He, the Vice President at Guangdong DECRO Film New Materials Co., Ltd., remarked, "DECRO and Kampf/Atlas Unite for Sustainable Packaging Solutions marks a significant milestone in our collaboration. We are excited about the potential of combining DECRO's commitment to innovation and environmental consciousness with Kampf/Atlas's expertise. This partnership shows our dedication to advancing technology and sustainability, paving the way for a greener and more efficient future in packaging solutions."

Patrick Zimmermann, Area Sales Manager China at Kampf/Atlas, highlighted, “the synergies between DECRO's expertise in BOPP and BOPE manufacturing and Kampf's proficiency in roll slitting and winding solutions. We are confident that this powerful combination would deliver substantial benefits to end-users and drive innovation in the packaging industry”.