For narrow cuts, thinnest films and numerous applications

The KAMPF Microslitter slits a wide variety of films perfectly to narrow widths. The technological features of this special machine make it possible for you to fully meet product specifications. The comprehensive performance spectrum ranges from conventional converting applications to the processing of new materials used in modern technologies. This results in products of the highest quality with minimum manufacturing tolerances.

The Microslitter impresses with its stable machine concept, compact design, excellent roll arrangement for special material paths and state-of-the-art drive and slitting technology. The modular structure provides an individual design for your application.

  • Metallized films
  • Ultra thin metallized films
  • Converting applications
  • BSF applications

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Technical Data MicroSlitter Line

 Thin metallized films Thin films e.g. made of BOPP, BOPETConverting applications BSF applicationsUltra thin metallized films BOPP, BOPET
Material thickness:1.6 µm - 16 µm10 µm - 250 µm1.4 - 4 µm
Material width:max. 1,000 mmmax. 1,300 mmmax. 650 mm
Parent roll diameter:max. 600 mmmax. 800 mm600 mm
Finished roll diameter:max. 350 mmmax. 350 mmmax. 350 mm
Slitting system:Blade cut, wave cutBlade cut, scissors cutblade cut, wave cut
Slitting width:> 4.5 mm straight cut≥ 4,5 mm blade cut> 4.5 mm
 > 9 mm wave cut≥ 5 scissors cut 
Machine speed:max. 700 m/minmax. 500 m/minmax. 700 m/min