Women in technical professions

Women in technical professions

Technical professions have long since ceased to be considered purely a "man's job." However, the proportion of women in the industry is still quite low. Kampf is working to combat this deplorable state of affairs and is delighted to welcome the new trainee Jule Kirbach, who has been supporting the training workshop in Dohr since July 11. The 20-year-old was born in Mesenich, Germany, and after graduating from high school in Cochem, she joined the Bundeswehr as an officer. Now she is doing the 8-week technical pre-study internship she needs to study mechanical engineering.

Jule once wanted to become a pilot. She has always been enthusiastic about technology and wanted to understand the technical processes in the background. "The connection between small individual parts that together make a big impact just fascinates me."

The choice of Kampf as an internship company was easy for Jule, as the company is well known in Dohr and recommendations from family and friends quickly convinced her.
The expectations for the internship are high. The 20-year-old hopes to do a lot herself and not much theory. Filing, drilling and sawing are basic requirements - she has respect for programming tasks.
Her experience of the first week was very positive. Jule was immediately integrated into the team and feels warmly welcomed by her colleagues. There is always room for questions and no pressure. "Everyone is very helpful and I am treated absolutely equally as a woman, there are no differences at all."

At Kampf, we are always very happy to have female applicants to create diversity and break down stereotypes. The 20-year-old Jule believes that society's perception needs to change and that parents in particular have a duty to promote their children's interests and talents, regardless of gender images. She sees initiatives like Girl's Day as the perfect opportunity to introduce young women to professions they may not have thought of before. Kampf hopes Jule's internship will make more girls and young women aware of mechanical engineering. With the social rooms for women built in 2019, the plant in Dohr is already well prepared.