Women in technical professions - a summary

Women in technical professions - a summary

For eight weeks, Jule Kirbach was able to get to know the world of mechanical engineering at Kampf intensively as an intern. For the technical pre-study internship, which is required for her mechanical engineering degree, she chose the plant in Dohr, where she is the only woman in the technical environment.

The 20-year-old is delighted with the time she has had at Kampf. After learning the basic engineering techniques, such as drilling, milling or filing, she started with smaller kits, completing which was always a success. Direct contact with the machines then took place in the production department, where Jule was able to actively support her colleagues. She found it particularly exciting to accompany the entire process, from production to assembly, for example in winding lift construction. However, the highlight for the young woman from Mesenich was getting a taste of 3D printing. "I've always been interested in that, and designing with the help of the program was a lot of fun!"

Finding her way in the male-dominated field of mechanical engineering was not a problem for Jule at any time. All colleagues took the young woman's integration for granted. "Gender roles were absolutely not an issue for me. I was not treated differently as a woman. Rather, I had the feeling that Kampf looked at people and their interests, without bias."

A gender mix in the workplace also has only advantages for Jule. The independent approach to work and personal responsibility that are often strongly imprinted in women at a very early age can be extremely useful in a technical profession. The different ways of thinking would additionally create new approaches to problem solving. For this reason, the 20-year-old would only welcome it if even more young women were to gain a foothold in technical professions such as mechanical engineering in the future. What it takes, in her opinion, is conviction of one's own interests. "You should do what you enjoy, without paying attention to how society classifies it! Thoughts like, 'Only men do that,' just limit you."

At Kampf, women get the feeling that they belong. In addition to good work results, this ensured above all a happy intern. And this enthusiasm is sustainable. In October, Jule will start her mechanical engineering studies and, in addition to a possible internship semester later, she can also imagine a future career at Kampf.

We would be delighted to welcome Jule and other girls and young women to our plant in the future!