Kampf machines at Polibak: Effectively interconnected with the@vanced

Kampf machines at Polibak: Effectively interconnected with the@vanced

Polibak is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic foils in Turkey. Since 1994, Polibak has been producing BOPP and CPP films. The company currently uses seven machines from Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co KG at the Izmir site. At the beginning of 2021, Polibak approached Kampf with a new request: the plastic foil specialist wanted to establish a connection between the machine and SAP. MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) was to be used for this purpose. After a thorough examination, it appeared that the integrative platform the@vanced would make the project practicable.

The purpose of the project was to prevent data entry errors. Incorrect setting of the machine and the associated incorrect entry of data in SAP by the operators was to be circumvented. This first required a machine upgrade to successfully implement the@vanced.

Optimized operator activities

In the period from Q1/2021 to Q3/2022, the@vanced greatly optimized the activities of the operators. But the new technology also offers even more than originally requested: Polibak can send cutting patterns to the machine and has a complete ERP connection via the@vanced. This means that entire orders, including cutting patterns and machine settings, can be transferred to the machine. Production results are then reported and the customer can automatically use this important data in their production processes.

By preventing the incorrect entry of widths or lengths specified in the order, the quality of the products is ensured in future. In addition, the system takes over the corona direction of the jumbo roll produced and automatically prepares the winding direction according to the customer's wishes. This also ensures enormous time savings. Similarly, thanks to the@vanced-MII-SAP link, data is now automatically entered into SAP and is available for the operator to apply the labels. This reduces the time the operator needs to do the work.

The additional remote monitoring of the machine's performance completes the project. By recording the parameters under which products have been produced, they can now be fully traced.

The complex cooperation between Kampf and Polibak was extremely professional and cooperative, and included continuous technical support from Kampf. Thanks to the success of this project, Polibak intends to upgrade more machines to the@vanced in the future to benefit from the advantages of the IIoT platform.

"The MII program with the@vanced has created a structure that facilitates and automates work by providing order in the flow of production data and minimizing errors."

Burak Başdağ's,
BOPP-Line 6 Production Line, Senior Management Engineer