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Fire station on company grounds

Fire station on company grounds

The emergency location at Kampf GmbH's headquarters in Wiehl/Mühlen was completed as planned in the second half of 2023 and is already in use. 22 Kampf employees, who are also active in various fire departments in the Oberberg district and beyond, moved into the building with their equipment at the beginning of October 2023. The new building accommodates two vehicles - a fire engine and a crew transport vehicle - from the Wiehl fire department.  There is also an adjoining building with changing rooms and washing facilities for the firefighters.

The firefighters now receive their deployment information online via a screen in the vehicle hall and in the fire engine via a tablet device, which is also used to navigate to the deployment site. In addition, all firefighters receive a message on their cell phone via an app in the event of an emergency in order to provide feedback on whether they are going to be called out. This provides a detailed overview of the participating firefighters before they leave.

Since moving into the fire station, there have already been several operations in which the "Kampf firefighting team" has been involved and people have been rescued.

Kampf planned, projected and implemented the construction measures for the modern alarm location for the town of Wiehl. The company also sees this as an important milestone for the good cooperation with the town of Wiehl and wants to support the expansion of the emergency structure in the region.