Our Exhibition dates:


Moscow, 15. - 18. June 2021

Biax Film Conference

Madrid, 27. - 29. September 2021

Biax Film is dedicated exclusively to the bi-oriented film industry. This unique forum for the entire BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, and BOPE supply chain gives delegates the opportunity to discover the latest developments in raw materials, production techniques and film formulations for biax film manufacture and gain unrivaled insight into key market trends and the opportunities these present for future growth.



Dubai, UAE, 15. -18. November 2021

The 15th Edition of ArabPlast invites industry specialists to a unique and lucrative opportunity to showcase nuances of advancement in innovations and, cutting edge technologies from the world over.

Spanning over 28 years, ArabPlast is an exclusive event for Plastics, Petrochemicals, Packaging and Rubber Industry.

Be ready now for the wave of expansion as it gets underway in the Middle East with plastics and chemicals accounting for the largest share of global crude demand growth by 2030!


Battery Show

Stuttgart, Nov. 30rd to Dec. 2nd 2021

Hall 1 / 228