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Our environmental guideline

Our claim to the highest possible product quality is directly linked to a responsible and economical use of the resources available to us.

The aim of our environmental policy is to harmonise environmental protection and economic efficiency.

This means besides further:

  • We undertake to comply with applicable environmental regulations and to continuously update our knowledge. We are committed to measures that go beyond legal requirements.
  • The use of raw materials, emissions and waste quantities are determined, evaluated and, if possible, minimized. Valuable raw materials are disposed of professionally and returned to the economic cycle.
  • We handle recyclables and waste responsibly, sensitize our employees and promote personal commitment to environmental protection.
  • Our use of low-solvent and water-based coatings reduces the use of harmful substances. We promote the use of environmentally friendly operating materials in the company and in our products.
  • We are increasingly saving energy through the continuous and energetically optimised maintenance of our buildings and workplaces. (e.g. heating and lighting).
  • We select our company vehicles according to the latest energy and exhaust emission standards.
  • Through focused supplier selection and bundled orders, we achieve freight-optimized procurement with an improved CO² balance in our supply chain.
  • We use products and machine components with low energy consumption, including energy-optimized drive processes and integrated technologies for energy monitoring.
  • Through our responsible use of natural resources, optimal technologies and optimized processes, we actively contribute to creating sustainable products for the future. (Blue Competence Campaign).