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Our Comitments

  • Blue Competence

Innovation in Slitting and Winding is driving the markets. These innovations generate new needs of our customers which have to be fulfilled by our products. For many years, we at KAMPF have been working together to push forward the technological developments. Our success proves us right: today, KAMPF is the leader for slitting and winding machines and the world’s biggest manufacturer in this market sector.

We don’t want this to change. Therefore, we pay great attention to early, future-oriented recruiting and acquiring of our junior staff. Attractive opportunities for further education and our endeavor on retaining our KAMPF employees are fundamental elements of our personnel policy.

For us, sustainability plays an important role not only in terms of “human resource management”. We support, among other things the initiative “Blue Competence – technology for a blue planet” of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation).  We also want to play an active role and create sustainable products for the future by using natural resources and improved technology responsibly.

Blue Compentence Campain


  • 5S method as an instrument

The efficient use of resources is realized with the introduction of the 5S method, which takes a holistic approach to improving the performance of the company, including each employee.

Resource efficiency and conservation starts, of course, with the development of our products and leads to continuous improvement of technologies.

Currently KAMPF gives high priority to operational topics like to improve quality, to reduce cycle times, to increase productivity as well as to avoid waste of all types. To achieve these goals, several instruments come to mind. We practice 5S as method and take the instrument as a basis for a holistic approach to improving the company’s performance. With this concept, we enable our employees to permanently create and continuously improve a functional, tidy workplace. In its original, simple form 5S is defined as an instrument for order and cleanliness – ambitiously practiced 5S is fast becoming a highly efficient model for conception, organization and standardization of workflows and processes. We involve our employees and supervisors in every phase of 5S and thus creating high flexibility to positively influence the work environment at the same time demanding a high level of discipline to maintain the once introduced standards and rules.

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