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I am part of a “healthy” company

KAMPF received in 2012 the AOK/BGF Health Prize

Long-term oriented Health Management Program at KAMPF

Competition, flexibility and responsibility are just a few aspects of the high demands of a working day. These also increase the time pressure and complexity of the tasks for each individual employee. In response to the demographic change, all companies will have to develop and adapt to new challenges and diverse demands by making constant improvements.

Reducing work-related health risks is now more important than ever. Only those who are fit are able to face the challenges of daily work. We have made it our mission to provide health management on a long-term and sustained basis and use it effectively for the occupational health and safety.

KAMPF Health Programs 

As part of our multi-annual program, classic topics such as nutritional advice, dealing with stress, back exercises are offered in addition to early diagnosis of strokes and heart attacks and skin screening. Interesting health programs for our students give health management in 2014 a fresh and new emphasis. These courses, workshops and lectures offer employees incentives for a healthier lifestyle and show opportunities to promote active implementation during and after work.

Concept and implementation belong together. For this reason we have started this health management with strong partners and together we control measures. Collaboration with fitness facilities in the surrounding area also complements the health program.

Institut für betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung