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CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

What means CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for KAMPF?

Responsibility for the benefit of all!

If a company acts sustainably and socially responsible it will remain profitable and secure its future competence. For KAMPF, the corporate social responsibility is a commitment which improves and secures the economic development of the company.

Currently KAMPF bundles its CSR efforts in two programs:

Various training opportunities, campaigns, taster days, traineeships, educational fairs – anything but boring!

Supporting young talent

One important element for sustainable human resource development at KAMPF is an early promotion of the next potential generation. We engage in school sponsorships and numerous local actions for pupils and make this a contribution for future generations. Of course, this requires regular communication with all partners. Thus, for example, KAMPF trainees visit school lessons. In addition, pupils and teachers can experience the everyday work in internships and other events. In order to secure the sustainability of these measures, the objectives and contents were recorded in a cooperation agreement.

In 2012 KAMPF was awarded the “AOK/BGF Health Prize” for its health management

KAMPF health management

The KAMPF health management plays an extremely important role, since the maintenance of a healthy workforce is very important to us.

The health programs are manifold and sustainable. Courses, workshops and lectures provide the employees impulses for healthy ways of living and show possibilities for an active implementation during and after the work.

In 2012, the KAMPF health management received the „AOK/BGF Health Award“ – a further encouragement for responsibly shaping our future.