Our Environmental Guideline

The objective of our environmental policy is to synchronize environmental protection and economic efficiencies.

KAMPF’s innovative slitting and winding machines are used to process sophisticated plastic films and other web-shaped materials. These films are used in many different applications and are an integral part of our daily lives. We often do not recognize these materials at all or only sometimes subconsciously. We assume the fact that these thinnest plastic films protect our food and medicines from environmental influences and make the packaged products last longer.

Films play other important roles in our everyday lives. They are unwound, slit and rewound several times during their production cycle - very often on KAMPF machines. Films have many unrecognized uses; such as in modern communication devices like tablets and smart phones. They can be found in rechargeable batteries and solar panels. The possibilities with which films support and help us today in all areas of our lives are as varied as the number of different specific film types.

It is very important to consider all aspects when processing films in order to avoid negative influences on our environment. The improper wasteful or careless handling of these materials during the disposal process poses a threat to our environment. It is therefore the aim of the film manufacturers as well as the machine and plant manufacturers to produce a resource-saving model to avoid waste and to recycle raw materials and return them to the production/process cycle. We support our customers with many innovations and thus contribute to sustainable film production.

Precise manufacturing of the machine components and exact controls ensure reproducible process sequences and minimize the production of waste material.

With integrated software and automation solutions, we optimize the operation of machines and ensure the safety of people and materials. With the@vanced KAMPF offers an "Industry 4.0" program for networking machines, components and systems. This enables operators to sustainably increase the efficiency of their entire production.

We also offer our customers smart solutions in the field of service in order to maintain and sustainably produce machines at the highest technical level. Service contracts with preventive maintenance minimize failure risks and increase production times, as well as the possibility of remote diagnosis by a KAMPF specialist via the Internet. This saves time and protects the environment, as in many cases the travel of a service employee can be avoided.

We are the technological leader in the field of slitting and winding machinery. Our objective is to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. KAMPF meets these requirements with regard to productivity, reliability, quality and sustainable processes. KAMPF continuously improves our services thru technological developments. We combine this directly with a responsible and economical use of the resources available to us in our plants, as well as in the manufacture of our machines.

We as a company pursue an environmental policy that brings environmental protection and economic efficiency into harmony for us and our customers.

We comply with international environmental regulations and are committed to the measures that go beyond the legal requirements. 

  • The use of raw materials, emissions and waste quantities are determined, evaluated and, if possible, optimized. We sensitize our employees and promote personal commitment to environmental protection.
  • Valuable raw materials are professionally disposed of for reuse in the economic cycle.
  • We use environmentally friendly operating materials in our company and in our products..
  • By continuously and energetically optimizing the maintenance of our buildings and workplaces, we are increasingly saving energy. We select our company vehicles according to the latest energy and exhaust emission standards.
  • Through focused supplier selection and bundled orders, we achieve freight-optimized procurement with an improved CO2 balance in our supply chain.
  • We use products and machine components with low energy consumption, including energy-optimized drive processes and integrated technologies for energy monitoring and energy recirculation.

Through our responsible use of natural resources, modern technologies and optimized processes, we actively contribute to creating sustainable products for the future.

Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik is an active member

of the VDMA’s ‘Blue Competence’ campaign.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility for the benefit of all! If a company acts sustainably and socially responsible it will remain profitable and secure its future competence.




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