CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

What means Corporate Social Responsibility for KAMPF?

Responsibility for the benefit of all!

If a company acts sustainably and socially responsible it will remain profitable and secure its future competence. For KAMPF, the corporate social responsibility is a commitment which improves and secures the economic development of the company.

Currently KAMPF bundles its CSR efforts in three programs:

I am part of a “healthy” company

Long-term oriented Health Management Program at KAMPF

Competition, flexibility and responsibility are just a few aspects of the high demands of a working day. These also increase the time pressure and complexity of the tasks for each individual employee. In response to the demographic change, all companies will have to develop and adapt to new challenges and diverse demands by making constant improvements.

Reducing work-related health risks is now more important than ever. Only those who are fit are able to face the challenges of daily work. We have made it our mission to provide health management on a long-term and sustained basis and use it effectively for the occupational health and safety.


KAMPF Health Programs 

As part of our multi-annual program, classic topics such as nutritional advice, dealing with stress, back exercises are offered in addition to early diagnosis of strokes and heart attacks and skin screening. Interesting health programs for our students give health management in 2014 a fresh and new emphasis. These courses, workshops and lectures offer employees incentives for a healthier lifestyle and show opportunities to promote active implementation during and after work.

Concept and implementation belong together. For this reason we have started this health management with strong partners and together we control measures. Collaboration with fitness facilities in the surrounding area also complements the health program.

KAMPF Health Management Blog

“KURS” : Co-operations of companies in the region with schools and sport clubs

To enhance the recruitment of young talents for the company KAMPF, we have entered into cooperation agreements with four nearby schools in the region. Priority was given to the promotion along the entire educational chain. Since 2012, we have been working closely with the elementary schools in Groetzenberg and Dohr, the comprehensive school in Waldbroel and the high school in Nuembrecht. In 2016 the sport club Tus Homburg-Bröltal became co-operation partner. We get support from the KURS base office for the „Oberbergischer District“, the municipal coordination center – transition from school to studies/professions as well as from the “Oberbergisches Coordination Center Apprenticeship”.

Contents of these agreements are a variety of measures, e.g. Lego robot kits provided by KAMPF. These kits have been made part of the technology lessons. During the regularly scheduled site visits, girls days and school-to-career days, pupils get to know our company and gain an insight into the world of technical careers.

These activities serve to not only promote the pupil’s interest in technical careers but also to point out the various apprenticeships and education opportunities at KAMPF. In addition, we want to take targeted actions to counteract the demographic change.

Our partners:

The efficient use of resources is realized with the introduction of the 5S method, which takes a holistic approach to improving the performance of the company, including each employee.

Resource efficiency and conservation starts, of course, with the development of our products and leads to continuous improvement of technologies.

Currently KAMPF gives high priority to operational topics like to improve quality, to reduce cycle times, to increase productivityas well as to avoid waste of all types. To achieve these goals, several instruments come to mind. We practice 5S as method and take the instrument as a basis for a holistic approach to improving the company’s performance. With this concept, we enable our employees to permanently create and continuously improve a functional, tidy workplace.

In its original, simple form 5S is defined as an instrument for order and cleanliness – ambitiously practiced 5S is fast becoming a highly efficient model for conception, organization and standardization of workflows and processes. We involve our employees and supervisors in every phase of 5S and thus creating high flexibility to positively influence the work environment at the same time demanding a high level of discipline to maintain the once introduced standards and rules.



Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a member of the Jagenberg group.




We at Kampf are constantly working together as a team with both our customers and suppliers.