What is the@vanced?

One system — five modules

the@vanced is an integrated solution for the digitalization of slitting and winding machine processes. The five packages represent a substantial advance in the processing of web-shaped materials and make for a lasting increase to the productivity of your Kampf equipment.

The basic module Essential (optionally complemented by the remote service flat rate package "Assistance") acts as a simple and straightforward entry point into the digital future of production. Three additional packages supplement it with a whole host of functions and thus make the digital platform scalable. That is how you alone get to decide where in your company you will make use of the benefits of the@vanced.

The packages

Our Industry 4.0 packages at a glance

Regardless of whether you merely decide to use the basic "Essential" package or also opt for the other Industry 4.0 packages: With the@vanced, you are setting course for the future of web-shaped materials processing.



The basic package — your point of entry into the world of digital solutions. Minimize downtimes with access to remote services and direct contact to experienced service specialists.
Access to remote servicesMachine record
Comprehensive online analysisState-of-the-art security
Future-proof through digital R-Cycle product passport preparationLive status of all connected machines
Direct line to service



The flat rate that complements Essential: Permanent remote service that secures your cost advantage.

Remote services flat rate
Ideal addition to Essential
Scalable for all machines
Cost-saving  graduated pricing model


Boost for your value chain


Plan production: With Productivity you can plan efficiently and analyze your results and processes.

Job planning, scheduling, and history
Jobs consisting of slitting, handling and labeling jobs
Process, parameter, and production result analysis


Systematic maintenance: Availability ensures smooth processes with plannable maintenance intervals and clear documentation.

Maintenance planning
Extensive interactive documentation
incl. maintenance videos (if available)


Turn your production into an integrated system: Connectivity links your machinery.

Interfaces to ERP systems
Live data transfer and connection to MES

Welcome to the world of connected machinery!

The new plattform complements existing systems and thus optimizes your production.

What can the@vanced do for you?

What can the@vanced do for you?
A tool for many types of professionals: What can the@vanced do for you?
It offers benefits if you are a ...

Efficient machine maintenance made easy

All maintenance information in one place: the Availability package is perfect for maintenance tasks. It makes servicing your machines plannable intelligently and thereby cuts down on downtimes.

Includes a clear maintenance plan
Centralized digital machine documentation
Maintenance instructions and videos

Find out more about the Availability package

Transparency for your production

the@vanced Productivity ensures full transparency, no matter how complex your manufacturing processes are.

Plan orders and synchronized processes
Get to know processes better and optimize them with reporting and monitoring
Use labels to make products traceable

Find out more about the Productivity package

The networked plant is becoming true

the@vanced Connectivity connects your slitting and winding machines to existing enterprise resource planning systems, creating a truly integrated digital production environment.

Embed machines into ERP or MES
Transfer data in real time
Digital Product Passport ready

Find out more about the Connectivity package

An eye on everything that's coming: Always. Clearly arranged.

As maintenance manager, you are responsible for the fail-safe operation and a minimum of downtimes. the@vanced Availability assists you with that!

Maintenance without a wait — thanks to intelligent planning

Thanks to the@vanced Availability's easy to use maintenance plan, you can coordinate upcoming work efficiently and keep abreast of where maintenance is due.

Know how where it's needed.

Every machine is unique — that also goes for maintenance. The package includes machine documentation and precise maintenance instructions incl. self-explanatory videos to make maintenance work easier than ever.

Data access? Anytime!

The interactive and extremely responsive machine documentation allows direct and secure access from within your company network via mobile devices as well, e.g. tablets.

The team behind the code

Knowledge, experience, ambition and passion are behind our Digital Customer Solutions — as well as our team of developers.

The heart and soul of optimization

The heart and soul of optimization

Knows the world of production as well as the digital realm: Service Product Manager Ronja is to be reckoned with when it comes to optimizing.
The technologist behind the service

The technologist behind the service

When customers are happy, Sebastian has a hand in the matter. He and his team answer to remote service requests.
The spares expert

The spares expert

Service Sales Manager Patrick makes sure, everything is in order in our online portal — so that users may find instead of search.
The creative structurer

The creative structurer

Customer service pundit Katja tends to all things communication and handles the important frameworks, e.g., contracts.
The master of software

The master of software

Thomas not only supplies our machines with the intelligence needed for industry 4.0. He also makes them come alive at our customers‘ sites.
The Customer Relations Engineer

The Customer Relations Engineer

When a customer wants to make his slitting and winding processes digital and also optimize his production, Martin is the go-to guy!

Kampf machines at Polibak: Effectively interconnected with the@vanced

Polibak is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic foils in Turkey. Since 1994, Polibak has been producing BOPP and CPP films. The company currently uses seven machines from Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co KG at the Izmir site.

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