the@vanced stands for collaboration, for the transparency of processes, for constantly growing know-how as well as digital transformation — and for next generation production.

To this end, our integrative platfrom combines knowledge with courage and thus bridges the gap between the tradition of metal-made machine engineering and the future based on semiconductors.

Industry 4.0 for Slitting and Winding Technology

the@vanced is the digital integrative platform for networking the systems of the value chain in web-shaped materials processing. Digitally efficient — intelligently future-oriented.

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Connecting people. Integrating machines.

my@vanced is Kampf's digital customer portal:
It offers up-to-date information, practical knowledge, easy spares identification, online shop, and the certainty to have all necessary information in one place — at any time.

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Our positioning

Our motive

Progress is deeply rooted in the Jagenberg DNA. the@vanced is the logical and strategic consequence of over 150 years of successful mechanical engineering evolution.

Our goal

Digital interaction is the new normal wherever we turn. We meet this transformation with digital customer solutions that harness this virtual future.

Our mission

If you want to give shape to the future, today is the time to lay the foundations for tomorrow. To do this, we are leaving familiar terrain and incorporate new areas into our production landscape.

Our drivers

We do what we do with authenticity and passion – because our values define us and give us personality. And because they point us in the right direction.

Our why

Because the status quo is not the measure of things

The will to think ahead and do things differently is inherent in our DNA.

We demonstrate this by the way we design our products. Our customers feel this in the holistic experience our innovative solutions offer. We prove this with the sustainable, ongoing development of our machines. In order to generate progress in a combined effort, we focus on collaborating interdisciplinary ­— internally, externally as well as with our customers.

Our aspiration

Trailblazers of digitalization

Mechanical engineering has always been at the core of our competences. But networking and collaborating in digital ecosystems are transforming this world.

Both in the private and the professional realms, perceptions and interactions are becoming more and more digital. As a global solution provider, Kampf adopts this shift of paradigm: by way of our Digital Customer Solutions and the customer-focused @vanced solution landscape. In doing so, we approach transformation openly and constructively — and play an active role in shaping global developments along the value chain.

Our mission



Being creative architects of the future, we are passionate about innovation.

What we do today forms the basis for tomorrow's developments. That's why we're constantly analyzing everything and continually finding new solutions — not only in the technically familiar, but also in areas that are new to us: digital and data-driven. For tomorrow's value proposition, we are creating next generation production.

Our driver

Our value compass


Customer Focus

Our customers are pivotal to everything we do. Their usage behavior and their requirements are what drives our services. Creating added value for them is a passion which feeds on our belief in digital technologies – and which makes customers kings.


Technology has always held a place in our hearts. We attend to our customers' requirements with dedication and in a spirit of partnership. And incorporating new developments and leveraging the resulting potentials for our machines as well as our partners is what takes us further.


Digital Engineers

Throughout the world, Kampf slitters and winders embody the idea of precision and quality "Engineered in Germany". But we transcend these origins and tackle tomorrow interdisciplinarily: In a dialog of digital expertise and engineering, we help technologies for smart factories achieve a breakthrough and make digitization tangible.

Solution Thinkers

As much as we value our history: Curiosity drives us. Ambition makes us. Tenacity keeps us going. We believe in the powers of creativity and progress. Our mindset makes us continually test and learn and leads us to accept the constant developments in an agile manner. Because technological evolution is part of our genome.

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