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You are looking for a suitable apprenticeship and would like to know whether mechanical engineering suits you? An internship is always the right way to get more clarity. KAMPF offers you many possibilities. Start, for example, with a one-day internship with us and then complete an internship of several weeks to explore your profession even more deeply. We advise and accompany you so that you can find the job that really suits you.


Get to know yourself better! Do an internship at KAMPF

And that's how it goes:

You can register for the "Berufsfelderkundungstage" [from 13 years] about 8 weeks before the date on the homepage of the Oberbergischer Kreis:

On 31.01.2019 or 10.04.2019 or 04.07.2019 

Girls‘ and Boys‘ Day [from 13 years] 

On Girls'Day you will get to know professions in which men have been working most of the time - e.g. electronics technician or industrial mechanic. Of course, the boys are also cordially invited to join us.

This link leads to the registration portal:

The next Girls' Day will take place on 28.03.2019. 

At MINTeraktiv [from 13 years] you can work one day at KAMPF. Sign up on

One day each from 14.10. - 17.10.2019 

Please send us a letter of application for a longer internship during the holidays to personalkampfde

15.04. - 27.04.2019    Internships during the Easter holidays

25.04.2019                 Workshop "How do I write my application?

15.07. - 23.08.2019    Internships during the summer holidays

14.10. - 25.10.2019    Internships in the autumn holidays 

Follow us and we'll remind you of the dates in time.

Also check out our trainees!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone

Sandra Zernicke
Tel. +49 (0)2262 81-260
or: personalkampfde