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Best to the core

Our Nonstop Liners are modular designed turret winder. These machines convince by an outstanding price-performance ratio. The product family offers a complete modular system for tailor-made solutions.

Different cross cutting systems, multi-web slitting, integrated pull roll station, adapted material and roll handling suit with process needs and the turret contact roll optimises the production quality and every day success.

The Narrow-Web-Winder is a non-stop turret winder in cantilever design. Web width up to 600 mm and finished roll diameter up to 1,000 mm cover the production needs of this business. Material thickness up to 0.3 mm and production speed up to 150 m/min.

Narrow-Web-Winder, when non stop production is required.

The BaseLiner is the perfect in-line turret-winder for speeds up to 150 m/min and material thickness up to 0.6 mm.

BaseLiner – best to the core.

The EcoLiner - when high performance is required. For materials thickness up to 1.5 mm, roll weight up to 7,000 kg and production speed up to 300 m/min. 
Ecoliner - the perfect machine for any production.

The InLiner is designed for top quality, maximum load and highest speeds. Material thickness of 0.003 mm up to 1.5 mm, roll weight up to 6,000 kg and production speed up to 350 m/min. Special modules for outstanding winding quality.

InLiner – first choice for perfection.

All Nonstop Liners are available for one or two rewind directions and as non-stop unwinder.