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Co-operations with schools

“KURS” : Co-operations of companies in the region with schools

To enhance the recruitment of young talents for the company KAMPF, we have entered into cooperation agreements with three nearby schools in the region. Priority was given to the promotion along the entire educational chain. Since 2012, we have been working closely with the elementary school in Groetzenberg, the comprehensive school in Waldbroel and the high school in Nuembrecht. We get support from the KURS base office for the „Oberbergischer District“, the municipal coordination center – transition from school to studies/professions as well as from the “Oberbergisches Coordination Center Apprenticeship”.

Contents of these agreements are a variety of measures, e.g. Lego robot kits provided by KAMPF. These kits have been made part of the technology lessons. During the regularly scheduled site visits, girls days and school-to-career days, pupils get to know our company and gain an insight into the world of technical careers.

These activities serve to not only promote the pupil’s interest in technical careers but also to point out the various apprenticeships and education opportunities at KAMPF. In addition, we want to take targeted actions to counteract the demographic change.

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